Friday, 20 March 2015

News - Kobadelta Announce New EP

hiapop likes Kobadelta.  A lot.

So, when news reached us yesterday that a new EP was on the way, much excitement ensued.

The Open Visions EP will be launched at Think Tank in Newcastle on Friday 1st May with support from Coquin Migale and Sun Dance.

Tracks will be gradually released publicly week by week in the build up to the launch, with a music video for one track coming very soon.

Track listing is:
1.   Even The Odds (They Mean You No Harm)
2.   Blame It All On Me
3.   Maskirovka
4.   Watch What You're Doing
5.   Ithaca
6.   Black Pyramid

Was this space!

Pre-order the cd here -

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