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Music - Part 254 - An Interview with Kim Shattuck of The Muffs

As Californian punk/pop rockers The Muffs prepare to release their new album Whoop Dee Doo, hiapop Blog catches up with lead singer and songwriter Kim Shattuck and fires a few questions her way.

How’s the world of The Muffs?

We're great right now. Doing lots of set up for our new album.

Whoop Dee Doo is a brilliant album, how do you feel about it and what has general reaction been like?

Thanks!  I'm very proud of how this album sounds. It makes me happy.  So far everybody I've talked to seems to enjoy it.

It’s been ten years since Really Really Happy.  Why the wait?

We took a little break. Then we took another break. Then it started dragging on and on.  By the time we had this thing recorded and mixed, the Pixies asked me to be with them and then it added an extra 10 months to the already extremely long break.

Did you know that a ‘muff’ is slang for women’s genetalia in some parts of the UK?

Yes.  I remember in the early Muffs almost not getting past customs in the UK because of our name.

You were part of The Pandoras for five years in the 80s.  Were you asked to join the 21st Century Pandoras?

Melanie, Karen and Sheri were asked to join when I was on tour with the Pixies.  The girl who was trying to start the 21st Century Pandoras was only in the real Pandoras for a month or two.  She told the girls that she wanted to rebrand the Pandoras name and write all new songs.  Needless to say the girls told her no way. Too contrived.  So the early line-up girls got on board.

Have you ever heard from Kim Wilde after you covered Kids In America in the 90s?

Nope, she was radio silent.  I'm sure we generated some decent money for her.

Twitter or Facebook?

Instagram.  But Twitter is ok too.

Are you fed up of answering questions about the Pixies? 

Not fed up at all.  It was a great experience for me.  Their audience are some of the most enthusiastic people around and playing their music was interesting.

What do you think of their new album?

It's a little digital sounding in my opinion.  I really like four songs off of it.

Any plans to tour with The Muffs?

Definitely.  We intend to go everywhere.

If you could have played with anyone at Glastonbury, who would it have been?

I would like to play with The Kinks in 1965. Is that even possible?

Who excites you in music today, anyone we should look out for?

I really love Honeychain. I am set to produce them this fall.  Veruca Salt are back.  They are amazing.

I’m coming for a meal, what are you making?

I would barbecue some ribs.  We would sit there with big messy faces and food in our teeth.

Who decided on the cover artwork for Whoop Dee Doo?

Me.  I found a photo I took in 1984 that tickled my fancy.  Then my most favourite layout guy Pat Broderick did a cool looking cover for t.

Tell me a secret about Ronnie and Roy.

Ronnie is afraid to fly.  Roy is not afraid to fly.

The Sex Pistols or The Clash?

The Sex Pistols for sure.

What are your top 10 favourite albums of all time?

Kinda Kinks
With the Beatles
That's it for now.

What does the future hold for Kim Shattuck?

More song writing, producing bands and other fun surprise projects.


Big thanks to Matt at Cherry Red Records for setting this up.


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