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News - 25 Years of Real World Records

A 3 CD Special Anniversary Edition box spanning 25 years, featuring classics, hidden gems and tracks chosen by listeners. From Peter Gabriel’s Passion to 9Bach’s Tincian - and over 200 albums in between - Real World Records has blazed trails, opened doors and introduced a whole new world of music since 1989.
In addition to the 3 CD wallets, the beautifully packaged clamshell box includes a 28-page booklet containing the story of 25 Years of Real World Records, and a collection of Real World Tales with contributions from musicians, producers, designer and managers.

THE 3CD BOX – Real World 25
Condensing 25 years of history onto three CDs was always going to be an impossible task; we knew we would only ever skim the surface of the extensive range of wonderful music we have been so lucky to encounter. But here goes:
CD1 brings together tracks that have been significant highlights or 'classic' points in the label's history.
CD2 delves deeper into the catalogue, shining a light on some tracks that beg rediscovery; the buried treasures.
CD3 is the listeners' choice – we asked people to choose their favourite Real World track.
01 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan) - Mustt Mustt, from the album Mustt Mustt
02 Maryam Mursal (Somalia) - Kufilaw, from the album The Journey
03 Joi (UK) - Fingers, from the album One and One is One
04 Little Axe (USA) - If I Had My Way, from the album Stone Cold Ohio
05 The Blind Boys of Alabama (USA) - Run on for a Long Time, from the album Spirit of the Century
06 Peter Gabriel (UK) - The Feeling Begins. from the album Passion
07 Ayub Ogada (Kenya) -Kothbiro, from the album En Mana Kuoyo
08 Jocelyn Pook (UK) - Dionysus, from the album Untold Things
09 Hukwe Zawose (Tanzania) - Sisitizo La Amani Duniani, from the album Chibite
10 Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila (Tanzania) - Kipenda Roho, from the album Songs for the Poor Man
11 Adrian Sherwood (UK) - No Dog Jazz, from the album Never Trust a Hippy
12 Dub Colossus (Ethiopia/UK) - Guragigna, from the album Addis Through the Looking Glass
13 Totó La Momposina y Sus Tambores (Colombia) - La Sombra Negra, from the album La Candela Viva
14 The Imagined Village (UK) - Cold Haily Rainy Night, from the album The Imagined Village
15 Iarla Ó Lionáird (Ireland) - Glistening Fields, from the album Foxlight
16 Lama Gyurme and Jean Philippe Rykiel (Bhutan/France) - Offering Chant (Unplugged), from the album Rain of Blessings: Vajra Chants
01 Pape & Cheikh (Senegal) - Mariama, from the album Mariama
02 Daúde (Brazil) - Muito Quente, from the album Neguinha Te Amo
03 Los De Abajo (Mexico) - Resistencia, from the album LDA V The Lunatics
04 Toumast (Niger/France) - Innulamane, from the album Ishumar
05 Farafina (Burkina Faso) - Dounounia, from the album Faso Denou
06 Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook (Armenia/Canada) - Take My Heart, from the album Black Rock
07 Joji Hirota (Japan) - Kokiriko Melody, from the album The Gate
08 Mara! With Martenitsa Choir (Bulgaria/Australia) - To My First Love, from the album Sezoni
09 Tom Kerstens’ G Plus Ensemble (UK/Holland) - Utopia, from the album Utopia
10 Mamer (China) - Mountain Wind, from the album Eagle
11 Värttiná (Finland) - Valhe/The Lie, from the album Miero
12 Tenores Di Bitti (Sardinia) - T’amo, from the album S’amore ‘E Mama
13 Thomas Mapfumo (Zimbabwe) - Marudzi Nemarudzi (Different Races), from the album Rise Up
14 The Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal (India/UK) - Streets of Calcutta (live), from the album Walking On
15 Syriana (Syria/UK/Ireland) - Al Araby, from the album The Road to Damascus; Written and arranged by Abdullah Chhadeh, Bernard O`Neill, Dubulah
16 Guo Yue (China) - White Kite, from the album Music, Food and Love
17 The Creole Choir of Cuba (Cuba) - Fey Oh Di Nou, from the album Santiman
01 Joseph Arthur (USA) -In the Sun, from the album Come to Where I’m From
02 Daby Touré (Mauritania) - Iris, from the album Diam
03 Sevara Nazarkhan (Uzbekistan) - Yol Bolsin, from the album Yol Bolsin
04 Afro Celt Sound System (UK/Ireland/Senegal) - Release, from the album Capture / Volume 2: Release ??
05 Portico Quartet (UK) - Line, from the album Isla
06 Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet) - Happiness Is…, from the album Coming Home
07 Spiro (UK) - The City and the Stars, from the album Kaleidophonica
08 Martyn Bennett (Scotland) - Move, from the album Grit
09 JuJu (UK/Gambia) - Night Walk, from the album In Trance
10 Charlie Winston (England) - In Your Hands, from the album Hobo
11 Big Blue Ball (International) - altus silva, from the album Big Blue Ball
12 Geoffrey Oryema (Uganda) - Land of Anaka, from the album Exile
13 Sheila Chandra (UK/India) - Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean
14 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook (Canada/Pakistan) - Sweet Pain, from the album Night Song
15 Papa Wemba (Democratic Republic of Congo) - Awa Y’okeyi from the album Molokai

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