Thursday, 10 April 2014

News - Jack Cheshire Release Heavenly Bodies Single

Purveyor of last years fine Long Mind Hotel album, and sporter of the rather special hiapop badge, Jack Cheshire release his new single, Heavenly Bodies on 19 May.

'Heavenly Bodies' is an attempt to rise above the myriad mind games and poisonous frustrations of modern life. Become easy with it all, see things with wonder and awe again, dissolving back into an untainted self. Recorded on the first take, the song features several bowed overdubs on the double bass, at such a high register that it sounds more like a cello. 

The past six months or so have seen Jack go from strength to strength - playing a host of shows both with band and solo, becoming an ever growing favourite on 6 Music and XFM, and receiving great press praise.

More Jack Cheshire on hiapop Blog here.

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