Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Like It - Martyn Bennett

'Grit' - the late Martyn Bennett's most extraordinary work and his final project - is a deeply emotional collection of traditional singers  - largely travellers - showcased via an inventive avalanche of sounds and beats, rooted in the past but glorying in modern dance culture. 
It's a risky and eccentric balance, but far from being swamped by the swathes of electronica, it's the amazing voices of the traditional singers, like Jeannie Robertson, her daughter Lizzie Higgins and the Gaelic singer Flora McNeil, that ultimately dominate the attention.
Originally released in 2003, this Real World Gold re-issue includes two bonus tracks: Martyn’s remix of Peter Gabriel's 'Sky Blue'; and 'Mackay's Memoirs', Martyn's last recorded work, completed the day after he lost his long and valiant battle to cancer at age 33.

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