Thursday, 17 April 2014

Music - Part 202 - Perc

Perc – The Power And The Glory Remixed (Perc Trax)
11 April 2014

DJ and techno producer, Perc releases an EP of remixes.  

February’s The Power and the Glory album was both innovative and enjoyable and here Perc hopes to repeat the critical acclaim he received with three remixes from the album.  Curiously, choosing not to remix himself, he employs the services of UK artists allowed to do whatever they wished with the tracks allowing full creative freedom.

Much of the experimentation of the album is taken away to give more industrial dance orientated tracks, with Tessela starting the proceedings.  His version of Take Your Body Off gives a heavy bass and big drum sounds.  Vocals scream and the track throbs along with added synth excerpts and alarms.

The Untold remix of Bleeding Colours stats immediately with a repetitive bass sound that continues through much of the track.  More bass lines are added to make a quite interesting effect and produce an experimental mix which could quite easily have been an outtake from the main album itself, and on first listen can be slightly forgettable.  Only on subsequent hearings does its inventiveness truly shine.

Ending with Dumpster remixed by Clouds the EP gets into a more organised groove.  Possibly the track of the EP, its deep sound is medium paced, and whilst hold an experimental edge, it focusses more on a regular groove than anything out of the ordinary.  Again, the freedom given to the remixers allows for effectively new versions of the previous mixes.

The Power and the Glory Remixed again demonstrates the forward thinking of Perc, and whilst not wholly responsible for the new versions, his choice and collaboration of who to use has to be applauded.  A true individual in today’s music scene.



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