Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Music - Part 69 - Wizard Of

Wizard Of – Lifer/Exister (Jehu And Chinaman)
Out Now

After several digital only  EP releases, Bob McCully releases his first material under the name of Wizard Of and it’s a bit of a monster of an album.  Two side-long pieces, Lifer and Exister, which are split into five movements each.

‘Lifer I’ starts with a dubstep beat and soon grows with the addition of other sounds and effects, including some sort of oscillation then a vocal effect, possibly Indian in origin, which is treated to a high pitched squeal.  The voice is a common theme throughout, creating one of several links between the tracks, initially a continuous snippet looped over and over and then slowly adding bits of the vocal to make a more elongated excerpt, liken the pitch to Another Dimension by The Prodigy.

Each movement has a new beat whilst retaining similar elements of dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, ‘Lifer II’ has a superb wall of sound not unlike Dan Friel’s recent Total Folklore album.  Taking you on a journey from high to low, through dark and glimmering, it really is a very clever piece of work. 

If there’s a downside to the album then it is it’s form of physical release.  Most of my music listening is done in the car (or the bath!), and without a cassette player in either of those locations, I’m pretty limited.  The album is available through Amazon as a series of individual mp3’s, but, the full impact of the album is lost on single tracks, and, due to each side being a continuous mix, the gaps in between tracks are poorly executed. 

Listening to the album as Bob intended, Life/Exister is a quite stunning piece of work utilising drone, dance and varying vocal effects.  The sound can be intense and is something to behold.  An album worthy of a widespread release and one that you really should do your upmost to hear.


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