Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Music - Part 68 - Golden Void

Golden Void – Rise To The Out Of Reach (Thrill Jockey)
7” Vinyl
20 April 2013

The new single from San Francisco quartet, Golden Void, released on Record Store Day with a limited edition of 700 copies, follows hot on the heels of the eponymously titled debut album from last year.

Both the title track and flipside ‘Smiling Raven’ have a live feel and both have an almost prog feel without, thankfully, going all the way.  ‘Rise To The Out Of Reach’ launches straight into what sounds like an instrumental break usually placed midway through a track after a slight fade-in.  It has a good deep bass and a meandering guitar solo, that whilst it isn’t particularly amazing, is entertaining nonetheless.  The vocals nestle somewhere between a shy, retiring Bruce Dickinson with a hint of Jack Black, and, have the ability to soar way above the instruments.  A nice enough track which I played three or four times before committing comments to laptop and one which does have memorable hook.  If it has any downfall, it’s the slightly dated feel in part, but, a great full sound when played at volume.  Ordinarily not my cup of tea, but an addictive track.

‘Smiling Raven’ fades in again, and, again seems to start halfway through.  Similar again with screeching guitars and heavy on the drum, going more down the heavy rock road of 70s/80s.  To be honest , a bit of a non event of an instrumental sounding like a four minute fade-out without any real hook of note.  Slightly without any real structure and generally passing you by.


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