Monday, 1 January 2018

Review - Stonerpop – Physical Business EP

Stonerpop – Physical Business EP


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7.5 / 10

American electronic/synthpop duo release new EP.

Synth duos seem to once more be the thing of the moment.  They were rife in the 80s and there now seems to be somewhat of a resurgence, as there are with many things.  Retro?  Vintage? Call it what you will it was hardly centuries ago, but there is a simple beauty about it all.

Stonerpop hail from Louisiana in the USA and comprise of Maudie Michelle (vocals and melodies) and Jimmie Manueva (backing vocals and instrumentation) and, they hold something a little different and hard hitting about their presentation.  Loving a deep and hard bassline helps add a tougher sound to their work, almost a hyper violence which demands several listens and helps take away the sometimes soft image of synth music.

Royalty opens the EP harmlessly enough but those thumping sounds soon act as a backdrop to softer vocals creating a nice juxtaposition, the addition of a gnarling guitar sound also make for an interesting listen.  Title track, Physical Business follows a more conventional pop route but Headglow stands out as a highlight with a darker sound and broody vocals knitted together with enough commercialism to give radio airplay a good chance.

Ending with the instrumental Snowflake, a repetitive but addictive piece it’s easy to press replay and go through the EP again.  At just twenty-two minutes over seven tracks it’s well worth some of your time.  There’s a place for Stonerpop and it may be sooner than you think.

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