Thursday, 4 January 2018

In Short - The Mourning Party - The Space Between Us

The Mourning Party - The Space Between Us


Out Now

6 / 10

Review by Joseph.

Unsurprisingly for a project called The Mourning Party, 'The Space Between Us' is a moody affair. The regimented beats and bass recall 80s post-punk, while echoing synths and guitars add a more modern electro-goth vibe. What stands out is the lyrically nihilistic, spoken word vocal, which adds a flavour of heavier goth/emo to the mix.

The first half of this album is relentlessly gloomy; the melodic guitar work of later tracks lifts the mood just a touch, with the Joy Divisionesque 'Long Goodbyes' and closer 'The Haunt In My Home' as highlights. Overall, a darkly atmospheric listen.


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