Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review - SPC ECO - Under My Skin EP

SPC ECO - Under My Skin EP (ELaB Records)

10 February 2017



Review by Amy.

Dean Garcia (Curve) and Rose Berlin make up the father/daughter duo SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) and  are possibly one of the most prolific bands around today.  Over the last year they have released 'Dark Matter' and 'Anomalies' as well as two albums through Dean's side projects (S T F U and M A D).  Their latest release 'Under my Skin' is a five track EP and is also the name of the track that MTV have used on their Teen Wolf series.

'Under my Skin' is a very minimalist effort which gives the tracks the space they need to breathe, it also gives the listener the space they need to breathe - the instrumentation may be sparse and airy but don't let that fool you, this is an emotionally dense collection of songs which if handled differently could be suffocating.   'Meteor'  and 'Let it Be Always' are the standout tracks, the former  is stunning and spine-tingling in all the right ways, while the latter's uneasy bass makes it the darkest and coldest track on the EP, again, in all the right ways.  The last track 'Found' washes over the listener offering a reprieve from the heaviness of the previous tracks, leaving a sense of being cleansed.

Overall this is a simple, uncluttered, daydream inducing set of tracks.  SPC ECO couldn't add more atmosphere if they tried.  If i had to describe this EP in one word, that word would be 'beautiful', and the more i listen to it the more beautiful it becomes.  It draws you in deeper and deeper until you can no longer imagine a world outside of the breathy vocals and electronics, and why would you want to?


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