Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Review - Linah Rocio - Warrior Talk

Linah Rocio - Warrior Talk (Aveline Records)


Out now


Review by Amy.

Chilean born singer/songwriter Linah Rocio's latest album deals with fighting and killing your inner demons and the journey that you  inevitably end up taking.  Currently based in Zurich, Linah describes her album as 'a conversation you had with yourself, where you went through something - like a war...an inner war'.

The album opens with 'Everything' - a track that sounds like Regina Spektor ran off to join the Punk Cabaret and found a jazz band along the way.  The instrumentation is  nice, really nice and shows promise for the rest of the album.

 The jazz theme continues throughout and is a welcome addition to Linah Rocio's sound particularly on tracks 'LA or New York' and 'Amy Jade' which was written about the late Amy Winehouse.  It's easy to imagine the latter playing in the background as you spend a lazy Sunday morning in bed with a mug of fresh coffee while the sun streams in through the window - very chilled indeed.  'Elisabeth' is a quiet haunting  affair with Linah whispering 'I can feel your breath', it'd be hard not feel the hairs on the your arms stick up during this song.  Amongst the jazz tinged tracks there are a couple of straight-up  pop songs, 'Kill the Monsters'  lifts the mood part way through the album while 'Do the Drug' ends the album on a surprising high note.

Overall this is a solid album , however, it doesn't seem to offer anything new which is a shame. 

You can catch Linah Rocio live for her (post) album launch at Camden's Green Note on 14th March and again on 16th March supporting Krista Detor.


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