Tuesday, 27 October 2015

News - Poolhall Richard Releases New Single

"This is the world of Poolhall Richard: songwriting that exposes feelings (aka truths) that are rarely specifically planned. Maybe not the most conventional recipe for writing pop. Or maybe actually what goes on even in the minds (knowingly or unknowingly) of Sweden's most successful practitioners of the so called 'dark arts' of blockbuster songwriting(which have produced more Top10 hits than the Beatles). Poolhall Richard is a myth. An ideal. A place that exists presently in the head and hands of an artist formally barely know as Richard Reagh. He washed up on the shores of Arlanda more than 10 years ago now. He charmed, confused maybe even baffled (definitely annoyed), many card carrying members of the Swedish pop mafia. He may have even been a card carrying member himself for a matter of minutes. 

Poolhall Richard is the deconstruction of all of Richard Reagh's influences reconstructed as a new artist; one who still hasn't sung through microphone but rather, even when rocking or stomping his wah pedal, sings acoustically (though he will soon start singing through a 10 watt Hagström due to the increasing size of his audience). His songs can be both as stark and dry as the creosote railway ties of an abandoned crossing(under which his character grew up) at the height of summer or as moist and pungent as the oily spring runoff finding its way into a ditch which no one has ever actually set foot in or maybe even seen. (the possible exceptions being a lost homesteader or two trying to fulfill their nation's dream of Manifest Destiny) The truth has a way of exposing that destiny, manifest or otherwise. Now's your chance to tempt that fate."

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