Tuesday, 27 October 2015

News - Niagara Announce Remix Album

Turin-Based experimental-pop duo Niagara are set to release ‘Don’t Take It Personally – Remixes’ via Monotreme Records on December 18th. The pair, comprised ofmusicians/producers David Tomat and Gabriele Ottino, released their second conceptual album last September, injecting elements of electronic, psychedelic, Eastern and EDM into more standard structures of Western pop music. It has now been given the deluxe remix treatment it deserves, with trademark reworks from the likes of Gonjasufi, Fennesz, Liars andAcid Pauli. It’s an interesting blend of booming electronics, blissed out psychedelia and pastoral textures, a genre-bending collection of remixes that never fails to surprise and excite.

While Liars stick to their tried and tested hard and chaotic style, avant-garde master Christian Fennesz utilizes some of the furthest extremities of the remix genre, expanding on the aesthetic of the original and delivering a mesmerising work-out built on originality and authenticity. Warp darling Gonjasufi provides the perfect soundtrack for a journey through desolate landscapes and Acid Pauli a moody yet thoughtful approach, perhaps typical from a member of The Notwist.

Niagara will be back with their third full length album next year, pushing the boundaries of studio production once again.


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