Monday, 12 October 2015

News - Men In The Sky Announce New Single

Liverpool’s Men In The Sky have announced the release of their new single for November 2015.

Entitled, If I Go the band have yet again worked with Michael Johnson, the ex-Factory Records engineer famed for his work on the legendary Blue Monday.  Employing a more commercial feel than the superb Version 1.0.1. EP from last year, they have cheekily incorporated hints of 80s stalwarts from the likes of Nik Kerhsaw, Ultravox and Jan Hammer, there’s even a Roobarb and Custard influence with has been sneakily included.

Beginning with an acoustic guitar riff, the track soon explodes into a classic sounding 80s track with modern day technologies and is probably the bands catchiest effort to date.  With roaring guitar solos, synth interludes and the characteristic drum/clap sound frontman Gary Roberts is proud of the single as the band prepare for a media push with new PR backing and an excited anticipation.

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