Monday, 12 October 2015

News - Inga 'The Destroyer' Unveils New Track

Sometime member of the amazing Superhand, Inga Carlstrom (aka Inga 'The Destroyer') has just unveiled a brand new track which is available to download from Bandcamp on a ‘pay as you like’ basis.

It’s broody, it’s moody and it’s altogether weird.  Says Inga: “It’s my new electronic synth and was just off the cuff really.  I wanted the freedom to be darker and do something stripped back which I can just put out there”

The minimalist approach makes for a very unique sound which holds promise for anything else she might choose to do in the future.  ‘I just used any little things we had around the place.  Non-perfect experiments and improvised’.

It’s certainly not for the light-hearted!

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