Wednesday, 8 July 2015

News - Morton Valence Release Video And Download Single

The new double A-side from Morton Valence features two songs taken from their coveted new album ‘Another Country’.
South London based Morton Valence have developed their own musical style, which they refer to as ‘Urban Country’, described by David Stubbs in ‘Classic Rock’ magazine as possibly “the last surviving form of soul music”.  
The band themselves wouldn’t use such grandiose terms, but what songwriter Robert Jessett and his longtime singing partner Anne Gilpin have successfully achieved is to tap into the pathos and straightforwardness of the classic country song and reappropriate it into their own contemporary narrative, with its own agenda, set very much this side of the Atlantic, quite unlike any UK band have done before.
From the heartbreaking opening line of ‘A Tear for Every Year’ - an outlaw ballad told from the point of view of the villain’s wife - to the grinding steel guitars of the escapist-dream-country of ‘Kawasaki Drifter’, these songs exemplify the spirit of the style. 
To celebrate the release, Morton Valence will be performing a doubleheader with ‘O’Connell & Love’ aka Larry Love  - the main man and driving force behind The Alabama 3 – in London’s legendary 100 Club this coming July 29th

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