Sunday, 17 May 2015

Music - Part 423 - Jude Connelly Band Live - HIAPOP EXCLUSIVE!


When not a part-time member of the amazing mylittlebrother and part-time mixmaster whiz, friend of hiapop Blog, Jude Connelly fronts his quite super band.

On 9 May, the band performed at the Old Fire Station Arts Centre in Jude's home town of Carlisle and hiapop Blog has been given exclusive tracks from the set.

Jude is lead vocals on Hard Times, She Came Back, and Fifth Season - and the chorus on Vehicle Love.  Other leads are from Megan Hunter (Vehicle Love), and 'Smoz' Moses (Jupiter Gas Giant, Honey On The Wound) from Cosmic Cat.  Drums from Chris Brown (also stickman for Kontiki Suite), bass Rod Mackay, 2nd guitar and atmospherics - Andy Harper (Postcard Band / ex-Lucid Dream), and trombone - Chris Riley. Backing vocals are from The Judettes - Megan, Louis Claxton, Hannah Ord, Ashleigh Crooks, and Erin Forster - it takes as long to introduce the band as it does to play the set!

Jude Connelly on hiapop Blog
mylittlebrother on hiapop Blog
Photos by Joshua Wyborn Photographic.

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