Tuesday, 31 March 2015

News - New Fold Single Is Tribute To Fannie Lou Hamer

Fold are a funk & hip-hop influenced experimental four-piece based in Leeds. They explore the natural rhythms of speech by using samples that also aim to bring to light relevant subjects close to their own hearts and minds. Unlike most forms of sampled music Fold perform everything on stage live in order to preserve a sense of natural groove and unity in line with their funk forebears.

Released as a tribute to an amazing woman called Fannie Lou Hamer, whose efforts helped push through the US Voting Rights Act of 1965, both sides of the single are constructed around her empowering sampled speech. The tracks were produced in keeping with musical developments that arose out of the civil rights movement. This as much a tribute to Mrs Hamer as an acknowledgement of the fact that 50 years after the civil rights movement the impact of racism still damages the lives of many millions of people around the globe.

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