Thursday, 26 February 2015

Music - Part 394 - Roisto | Symmetry | Horse Party | Jona Overground | The Undercover Hippy

Another singles round-up, some old some new.  I do my best:


Roisto – Apart In Love EP (Youth Control)

One of those dancey things that to be frank sounds rather dated and like a million other things on the radio.  Cool video which is very ‘now’ and will probably help sell the single.  With words consisting of the title repeated over and over Iit’s catchy to the point of annoying.   Seven mixes of the same song is just too much.


Roisto on Soundcloud here.



Symmetry – The Cure

Amercian pop punk from the Los Angeles boys.  Relying on a chant rather than a good solid chorus.  Once more, it’s nothing different to anything that you’ll hear on mainstream radio nowadays.  Think One Direction meets McBusted and it tells it’s own story.  In terms of throwaway pop it’s ok.  It may be someone elses bag, but not that of hiapop.  Sorry.


Symmetry have a website here. 



Horse Party – Out Of Sight (R.E.P.E.A.T. Records)

This is more like it.  We like Horse Party.  Bury St Edmunds’ finest return with a Double AA single and both tracks are rackers.  Leadng track, Out Of Sights has gritty guitars and a wholly ballsy feel.  It’s as catchy as hell with a slightly disturbing video.  Receiver too is gloriously lively and thunders along like a big fat thundery thing.  Nice.


Horse Party on Soundcloud here. 



Jona Overground – Let’s  EP (IRL Records)

Jona Overground write classic sounding pop that you would swear came from the pen of Burt Bacharach.  Your Mum would like them too as they are harmless but very very likeable.  Their songs have that timeless feel that can’t help but hold a big appeal.  If you don’t like them yourself, you can’t help but appreciate their quality.  Coupled with the Weekend Mix and a slightly pointless French version (Faisons Semblant).


Jona Overground have a website here.



The Undercover Hippy – Boyfriend (Uncivil Records)

A bit of white boy reggae from Billy Rowan (aka The Undercover Hippy).  A catchy song with nice vocals and a funny little tale.  It’s good for a couple of listens but by the time you get to the sixth remix on the single it wears a bit thin.  It’s nice and pleasant and maybe holds promise for a bloke who seems to be able to knock out a tune or two.


The Billy Rowan website is here. 


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