Friday, 14 November 2014

Music - Part 333 - We Are Quasars

We Are Quasars – In The Shadows Of Mountains
Out Now

Alternative Indie Rock quartet release their new EP.  

Billed as songs about ‘wings, sandstorms, bruises, floorboards, breakdowns, silence and fire’ is a bizarre claim, but it probably sums up the new EP from Carlisle based We Are Quasars.  Five well-written tracks (six if you count the ‘hidden’ track on the cd version) from a group that oozes talent.

Closer opens the proceedings with a haunting tale of things under your bed grabbing at your feet, certainly one to ensure you never dangle your legs over the side of your mattress ever again.  A rousing chorus with strong, confident vocals from Annette Millican is the perfect start for what is to come.

Good old Indie rock is order of the day for Amber Sandstorm which again features solid vocals but also continues the string of songs that are superbly arranged and performed.  Music and lyrics come via guitarist Amy Tweddle who also features in Lancastrian neighbours mylittlebrother, a band destined for big, big things and the influence of leader Will Harris has clearly rubbed off.

The pace slows down for the haunting and gut-punching Breakdown.  Pure poetry if ever it was heard and the decision to allow Millican’s voice to shine over subtle instrumentation is a well-thought one.  With added bass from Laura Ferguson and drums from Rob Millican the quartet are seemingly a well matched proposition and gel perfectly.

A gorgeous bass starts Suburban Tears before impressive guitar work enters and rolls along with confidence and aplomb before ‘official’ closer, the marathon Wings Without A Butterfly clocks in at over seven minutes.  If you’re after an EP of songs from a tormented soul then this is it.  Lyrics are both sad and gorgeous at the same time.

The cd version of the EP will also treat you to Black Spider Brown, which is some ways is a shame.  A shame that it’s hidden away.  A delicate, beautiful track of just voice and guitar, short and sweet and worth the wait. 
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