Thursday, 10 July 2014

Music - Part 245 - Grace Solero

Grace Solero – Electro (Wohone Records)
Out Now

Heavy Rockers, Grace Solero release their new single. 

Lead singer Grace has a cracking voice let there be no doubt, and the only thing that would really compliment it are screaming, screeching guitars with pounding drums and a thumping bassline.  Enter the new single Electro.

Based in London, Grace Solero certainly have energy, and bags of it.  It’s nice to hear a singer whose voice is perfectly suited to the music the band performs – it’s powerful and possesses a raw energy reminiscent of Skunk Anansie’s Skin.  Electro is an energetic and memorable single with a hook which is well executed and produced.

Lead guitarist, Dam Beaulaurier plays with good technique and passion and an undoubted underlying yearning to let rip at any given moment. 

From the forthcoming album Hundred Years Apart, Grace Solero cite (amongst others) Nirvana, Johnny Cash and Nina Simone as influences.  Varied indeed, and it’s probably that openness to musical styles that has allowed their own to flow seamlessly from start to end.

Electro has true grit and metaphorical testicles that hang low.  The sound is intense and highly-charged, oozing a sexual tension from the grungy backing and hard hitting beat.  The vocals are performed live with the band adding a cohesive interaction which has been applauded in both Europe and the USA during their stage performances.

The chemistry between singer and band is clear to see and when Knox from The Vibrators says a singer has “a world class voice” you suspect you’re on to a winner.


Wohone Records
Grace Solero website
Grace Solero on Twitter

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