Friday, 6 June 2014

Music - Part 226 - Sonido Gallo Negro

Sonido Gallo Negro – Sendero Mistico (Glitterbeat)
Out Now


Mexico’s instrumental vintage cumbia group release their second album.

Hailing from Mexico City, Sonido Gallo Negro (roughly translating as Black Rooster Sound) are a nine-piece group playing instrumental tracks in a variety of happy-go-lucky styles. 

On Sendero Mistico (Mystic Path), first released in Mexico in 2013, they blitz their way through psychedelic themes with the occasional ghostly shouting whilst playing a mix of spaghetti western and surf.  It’s high energy from start to finish and executed with aplomb.

Following the release of their debut album, Cumbia Salvaje (Wild Cumbia) in 2011 they rapidly appeared on national television and major festivals and have already performed in Europe.  Their sound is exciting and brash, fusing traditional Latin and Cha-Cha sounds with those of Indie and Psychedelia, and the end result is ten tracks of highly polished madness.

Several of the tracks have introductions of soundbytes in a Spanish voice including La Patrona which is a slow start to the proceedings, before El Ventarron picks up the pace which is then rarely lost.  Hammond organs and congas aplenty.

Every track has a great hook, none more so than Alfonso Grana (Selvatica) which displays some great guitar work and does bear resemblances to the wonderful Los Chinches in style.  Tzantza Soul has a wonderful dubbed out intro which would have been intriguing to hear more, but the favoured spaghetti/surf sound takes over.

The brilliantly titled Inca-A-Delic brings yet another unforgettable hook and album closer Mistery Of Zangbetos goes samba with electric guitars!  It’s certainly an enjoyable album and one which succeeds at fusing several musical styles into one overflowing pot.  Perhaps for the newcomer, it may sound a little repetitive, but continued listens (and there will be plenty) will ensure that it is enjoyed for the fun album that it is meant to be.



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