Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Music - Part 227 - Silhouettes

Silhouettes – Ever Moving Happiness Machines (Integrity Records)
Out Now

Indie, rockers Silhouettes release their debut album. 

Hot on the heels of the brilliant Prufrocks Dream single comes the debut album from Wolverhampton’s Silhouettes, and it fails to disappoint.  Ten tracks of quite startling quality stamping their mark on today’s music scene with confidence and swagger usually only afforded to more established artists guaranteeing good times ahead for the quintet.

Daring to be different, with many varied styles, Ever Moving Happiness Machines sets the standard high for any subsequent albums, but given the professionalism and ease with which they execute each track it maybe isn’t such a daunting prospect for the boys.

Opening with their debut single Gold Tag, Silhouettes get down and funky with a super guitar riff and the best throbbing bass of 2014.  Discarding their swimming armbands, riding bikes with no stabilisers and telling the boss to go f*ck himself, are the order of the day and who are we to argue.  Gliding along with superb a superb melody and hook, the track is slightly extended from the single version given us more of that pumping bass sound to savour.

It’s not all brooding Indie rock either.  Sacrifice has a synth hook that could have been lifted from early OMD or Visage, and I Miss You I Want You I Need You I Love You is depressing beautifulness if ever it was heard.  Scuff Marks too is packed with emotion.

Current single Prufrock’s Dream sits perfectly in the running order as one of 2014s finest singles on one of 2014s finest albums.  Ferry Me Away tips its hat in the general direction of Radiohead as it miserably floats its way along over lonesome guitars and synth spirals.

Do Silhouettes do anything particularly revolutionary?  No they don’t, but what they do do they execute with perfection and skill. They write superb songs that are not only catchy and appealing but are also musically perfect.  They have made an album that will stand the test of time and everyone should take the time to listen to it.

Closing with the epic Boys which borrows from 80s electronica and remoulds into 10s swagger, Ever Moving Happiness Machines is a cracker.  Even a hidden track and the ‘putting on the Ritz’ intro to Cold Water/Grey Flesh with its ‘slurring’ vocals make complete sense.

One day soon Silhouettes will be huge.



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