Wednesday, 6 November 2013

They Wear It Well! - Ralph

What?  You don't know who Ralph is?!  Then you should be ashamed.

Ralph, as you can see, is a Jack Russell, and is star of one of the finest music blogs around - Ralph's Life (with a little help from Mike Lindley).  Either Ralph doesn't like having his photo taken, has a hidden hatred of mobile phones, or was dancing to the latest Mog Stanley tunes, hence the rather blurred effect to the pic.  He is also the first canine wearer of a hiapop badge.

You can check out his rather wonderful music blog here , and hiapop Blog strongly suggests that you do.

If you have any sense, you'll also follow fruitbatwalton on Twitter here.


  1. On behalf of Ralph I would like to thank Hiapop for this most unexpected and welcome surprise - Ralph says WOOF!

  2. And a WOOF from hiapop Towers too!

  3. A wonderful celebration of a captivating canine...