Thursday, 6 December 2012

An Open Letter To Louder Than War

Dear Louder Than War

A few facts about me:
·         I have to carry the burden of depressions Black Dog
·         I had childhood ambitions to be a lead- singer in a very successful group
·         I dabble in the odd bit of poetry writing
·         I was once a Presenter on local Community Radio and adore music

The above points are, I feel, key to this letter which may be seen by some as a creepy, crawling, grovel, but to me, needs to be said.

I’ve always loved music.  I started to appreciate it when Glam Rock exploded – Suzi Quatro (my first love), Gary Glitter, Sweet, Slade, Bolan….. Wasn’t it a great era?

Despite writing, recording, producing my own 45 minute tape at the age of 19 (I never sent it to anyone), I realised I was never going to make it as a singer, mainly due to being awful, I decided I would write the occasional poem.  I’ve had several published, and, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done.

At the age of 38, I joined a local internet based Community Radio station in the 10pm to midnight slot.  I fancied myself as a bit of a John Peel wannabe.  I played stuff I liked.  I had listeners in Europe, Russia and America.  I met my future wife there.  I loved it until the station closed due to lack of funding.

In 2011, I started a Twitter account, @SaveOnTheWire, to try and aid the plight of the BBC’s longest running alternative music show, On The Wire, which was in danger of disappearing in the wake of Auntie Beeb’s cuts – a show I have been a fan of for over 25 years.  Your Reviews & New Music Editor, Guy Manchester, spotted the Twitter account and informed Mr Robb – both are long time admirers of OTW.  Both duly ‘followed’.

In July of this year I wrote a piece on my personal Blog about illegal downloading and tweeted to Guy.  He liked it, put it on the LTW website, and, asked me to become a regular contributor.

That my friends, is the reason for this letter.  The last six months have been a dream come true – listening to new music (some of which so brilliant that I’ve had to admit to being in my favourites of 2012), discovering bands I’d never heard of, having my reviews published.   It’s been the perfect ‘solution’ to my singer/DJ/publishing aspirations.

As the year draws to an end, I would sincerely like to thank Guy for the obvious.  John for his support of OTW, and, his LTW vision.  Also, Sarah Lay, LTW Reviews Editor, for her passion,  encouragement and support. 

Louder Than War has given me a new hobby and re-charged my batteries several times, and, for that I am eternally grateful.  It has given me the chance to ‘interview’ Steve Barker, presenter of On The Wire, and, the uniquely unique Princess Chelsea.  It has given me more music that I want to play again and again and again.  Most of all it has made me a very happy chappy.

If this letter sounds like a grovel, I really don’t care, it’s honest and from the heart. 

Louder Than War – thank you.

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