Sunday, 5 July 2020

News - From Perpetuity Compilation in aid of Alzheimer’s Society

FROM PERPETUITY is a compilation of diverse electronic works, featuring sound artists such as Arvo Party, Assassin of Sound, Capac, Fragile X, Lippy Kid, [retreat] and worriedaboutsatan with an infinite looping cover piece by himHallows. 

There are unlimited possibilities in a moment. 

This compilation is the result of a challenge posed to each participant to take an original sample of up to 5 seconds and to generate an entire piece of any duration from it, using only duplication and manipulation.

The end result is truly exciting, demonstrating through each artist’s own interpretation of the brief and the implementation of their own working methods, that the manipulation of even the smallest sound can present infinite worlds and the degradation and decay of one thing can sometimes breed the creation of something altogether new and wonderful. 

87 minutes and 43 seconds of music created from no more than 75 seconds of captured sound. 

Equally keen to embrace the brief, artist himHallows has produced a one-of-a-kind set of animated covers, composed of a sub 5 second clip which loops seamlessly ad infinitum.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will go to Alzheimer’s Society to support their emergency appeal, covering funds which can’t be generated due to Coronavirus and to fund ongoing care for those with dementia and research into treatments.

Track Listing 
01. Pete Clark - Message from Eric 
02. Capac - Thought What Something 
03. Daniel Crompton - All Intangibles 
04. Assassin of Sound - Aprill 11th 
05. Arvo Party - SESISEE* 
06. Lippy Kid - B_L_M_** 
07. Fragile X - Mnemonic
08. UltraLux - Mining Each Wash 
09. Xqui - echo2 
10. Steve Hadfield - Disparity of Memory*** 
11. Radio Europa - Underground Infection 
12. Scott Lawlor - The Shrine Has Closed its Doors 
13. worriedaboutsatan - Lost At Sea 
14. Etxera - Downpour 
15. [retreat] - Back Where I Started

Album available from Bandcamp here.

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