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Review - KiDD - Chance Weekend

KiDD - Chance Weekend (Zenerino Records)


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Review by Jonathan.

Glasgow’s self-proclaimed 'cupboard-pop pioneer', KiDD, delivers a master class in psychedelic tonal exploration and razor sharp pop writing on Chance Weekend.

Chance Weekend delivers on multiple fronts that are sure to win over neo-psych heads: soaring harmonies, nuanced instrumentation, and incredibly hook-driven melodies. For a body of work that appears to be as a focused as this, its construction was anything but clear and straightforward.

In our dialogue with KiDD, he suggests that ‘chance’ was used as a compositional technique in an attempt to break away from his natural songwriting process.

As he describes it: “This album was created by embracing chance and random[ness]; dice rolling, prompt cards, coin tossing, field loops, alphabetter boogie, cut-up techniques and instinct.”

Although KiDD’s palette is foundationally indebted to the sugary pop sounds of the 60’s, his unorthodox approach to composition creates a level of intrigue and excitement that begs the listener to pursue the album to the very end.

Take for instance the late album cut I See Crocodiles. The lyrical melody is reminiscent of something from the Sgt. Pepper’s era, yet is counterbalanced by a contorted feedback-hum that anchors the entire track; in this instance, the familiar sounds of yesteryear are disrupted by the modern marvels of audio splicing and beat construction. This push-pull relationship between tradition and modernity adds nuance to KiDD’s pop sensibilities.

Another song I’m quite fond of is back half standout, Unknown Hometown. Much like I See Crocodiles, the track intertwines beautiful vocal melodies with interesting beeps and bops that only modern recording can really offer to the home-studio auteur.

The democratization of home recording has enabled anyone with a laptop and recording software to create and distribute their work to the masses. As a result, the music space is congested with noise and music that is, quite frankly, not very good. KiDD, however, masterfully uses his cupboard confines as a space of pure and exhilarating inspiration and we’re excited to see what he churns out next.


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