Friday, 8 February 2019

News! - Jaffro Announces New Album Mwy

Jaffro has been writing music for most of his life, and began performing under the Jaffro name in 2014.  As a solo artist his main aim is to incorporate numerous instruments and genres into his music, focusing on experimenting with the incorporation of electronics into his work. His songs vary from performance to performance, and include instrumentals, as well as lyrical numbers in various languages.

He has played at events such as Hub Festival Cardiff and New Quay Music Festival in the past, and has played gigs around England and Wales supporting numerous acts such as Gwenno Saunders and John Lawrence.

The new Jaffro album Mwy (15 February 2019), sees the multi-instrumentalist release one of the most diverse and entertaining albums of 2019.  Singing partly in English and partly in Welsh, Mwy brims with originality and passion with melodies that will be difficult to shake free.

Lead single Mwy Mewn Meddwl perhaps perfectly prepares the listener for the aural spectacular that is to follow.

Mwy is a digital download that can ordered directly from Wormhole World here.


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