Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Review - Johanna Glaza - Albion EP

Johanna Glaza – Albion EP
DL / Cassette
Out Now

Lithuanian singer songwriter releases her new EP. 

Last years Wind Sculptures album was one of the high points of 2017. Johanna Glaza now returns with a brand new four track EP which endorses not only her unique creativity but an artist maturing at great pace and producing music of quite stunning quality.

Currently living both in London and on the perimeters of a forest in Lithuania, the self taught pianist will draw comparisons to the likes of Bush and Amos but in reality she brings something very different to the party. Avoiding the commercial pre-requisite often required to ‘make it’, Glaza ploughs her own furrow and allows her originality to shine through untainted.

This, is the voice of an angel if ever there was one. Johanna Glaza is the sound that you will hear as you wait patiently to pass through the Pearly Gates. She will be hovering, wings outstretched and singing the most beguiling sounds you will ever have heard.

Albion, the title track of the EP and the lead tune is a tribute to William Blake’s poem The Emanation Of The Giant Albion. It is complex yet soothing, moving effortlessly from nothingness to complicated layered excerpts which lift and impress. The stomping piano making way for her delicate tones, percussion crashing in at six minutes thirty before disappearing again just twenty seconds later. This is the work of genius, make no mistake.

Glaza then throws the EP on its head with The Future Was Not The Animal I Saw, an experimental voice and electro blip composition which disappears as surprisingly as it appeared. It raises the heartbeat (as if Johanna’s voice wasn’t enough) and adds a further string to her bow. Isabella combines flowing piano work replicating the feel of a speeding train as the track picks up pace and added frenetic percussion to an exhilarating end and Broken Ray is almost ambient in feel and sounds.

The Albion EP once more confirms a quite extraordinary talent in Johanna Glaza. Her songwriting skills are nothing short of amazing and ‘that’ voice, well, just listen for yourself.

Published on Louder Than War 21/12/18 - here.

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