Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Review - boycalledcrow – Hyperlight

boycalledcrow – Hyperlight (Hairs aBlazin’)

Cassette / DL

Out Now

UK electronic/vapourwave artist release his debut album.

A studier of music technology at Limerick University has put boycalledcrow in good stead as his first album, Hyperlight is a simple yet accomplished affair.  Delightful riffs are repeated and effective to the point of absolute satisfaction bordering on ambient but retaining a mellow electro-pop feel maybe akin to Jean-Michel Jarre after a night out with Brian Eno.

With the opening CloudHEAD Pt 1 comes a looped glistening effect like a gentle beast waking after long slumber.  Echoed beats in the background add to the sleepiness as it sets a feeling of anticipation for what follows.  There’s a lovely organic feel to the sound of boycalledcrow and second track Frost, follows the follows the simplistic feel as once more a shimmer of sound covers the whole piece with a clever arrangement that makes quality the overriding factor over quality.

Throughout the album, sounds are repeated to the point of complete addiction and carefully avoid becoming tedious.  yPop adds beats to a piano sound and a squirmy bass sound almost tease the track into dance territory.  What is key to the success of this album is the ability of boycalledcrow to make some incredibly infectious material no doubt aided by the musical education and teased along with a keen ear for melody within a minimalistic scenescape.

One of several highlights is Glide which is simply beautiful with its delicate sounds and it’s alternation between slow and medium paced backing. Again, a well-placed bass sound links everything together.  Forest once more hints at the genius of Jarre and Lost is a wonderful trip into ambience which boycalledcrow executes expertly.

Hyperlight is a simple album, pleasing and entertaining.  Perfect for driving and late evenings with headphones and most of all for enjoying.  Certainly one to watch.


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