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Review - The Ragamuffins – Cause Of Causes

The Ragamuffins – Cause Of Causes


Out Now

7 / 10

Lancashire Indie-pop act release their new album.

Anyone out there that recalls Faith Brothers and their 1985 debut album Eventide will know of their blue eyed soul, socialist views and comparisons to The Style Council, Billy Bragg and the Spencer Davies Group.  They were tipped for huge success which unbelievably eluded them and their lead singer and songwriter, Billy Franks sadly passed away two years ago.  The mention of Faith Brothers is essential when listening to Cause Of Causes the latest long player from The Ragamuffins.

You may be expecting a reggae or ska hybrid with the band name and you’d be disappointed but, you may also be impressed at what you find instead.  The Ragamuffins are full of passion, of anger and of excitement from the first note to the last.  Their brand of lively pop soul is pleasing and uplifting and, if the word is to be believed then they are quite a proposition on the live circuit.

Its high-powered stuff from the off as I Won’t Weep steams into view.  Lead singer David Jaggs’ voice appears to near rip his vocal chord and it is that sort of commitment that sees Cause Of Causes an exciting prospect from beginning to end. It’s a toe-tapper if ever there was one in fact, one can almost imagine audiences jumping to their feet at any of their gigs.

The liveliness of the album cannot be ignored, The Last Rites is epic and one of many anthemic arena songs that weaves its way into your head and just won’t leave.  You’ll find yourself humming the melody even though you don’t know the words and that is the sign of great songwriting.

There are pauses for breath with the likes of Drawn To The City and the orchestrated reprise of the album opener is sheer beauty.  Line Up The Stars is beautifully written and has more than a passing resemblance to Robbie Williams in part which can maybe be attributed to a North Western accent but, in terms of songwriting it is a gem of a track – with a little push, this could be radio fodder.
The title track fuses Leader Of The Pack percussion with Glasvegas anger to great effect and as album closer, Something Sinister pulls up then so an accomplished album comes to an end.  Rolling pianos and effective guitars combine to make a fitting end.  Cause Of Causes is how indie-pop was always meant to sound – melodic, passionate and addictive to the final note.

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