Friday, 4 May 2018

Review - Roger Heathers - Maybe I’m Bored E.P.

Roger Heathers - Maybe I’m Bored E.P.


18 May 2018

8 / 10

Review by Jay.

With the ‘Maybe I’m Bored E.P’ we have quite a stage-show vibe not too dissimilar to what it might be like if The Beatles had written a theatre production. Grand piano chords, chunky 60s bass and very theatrical and dramatic vocals cover what is a nicely produced and arranged collection of piano ballads. ‘Czechoslovakia’ has a Ben Folds Five feel to it with a little bit of Bobby Conn thrown into the mix. The drums sound massively roomy and almost like they would be part of an orchestra band and rock along underneath a very 10CC-esque song. ‘100 Buffalo’ feels like it has some Father John Misty influence to it and the harmonies are rich and well composed and ‘We’re Ridiculous’ has some well accomplished piano playing and again has a real 60’s/70’s vibe to the whole songwriting style which is nice to hear. The whole E.P. harks back to bands like Queen, Brian Protheroe, 10CC and it’s a nice combination of influences to make this a great listen.

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