Wednesday, 14 February 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE! - SLF&Co. - Red (Lord Fluffy & SLF Remix) [feat. Vicky Harrison]

hiapop is proud to bring you the video PREMIERE of Red by SLF&Co!

Taken from the album No Beats In Algebra, Red is remixed by Lord Fluffy and SLF&Co.  The album is a collaboration of vocalists and musicians - also known as the lovely folk & friends from around the towns of blighty. The SLF&Co project came to light from a PC, in a flat, in Norwich. Clocks tick, tracks emerge, people lend an ear, a voice, some insight and the occasional slap.  Influenced and inspired by many different genres and production techniques.

It's all about the LOVE LOVE LOVE …so when it wears off fill it with a little #RED 

A note from the video maker, Jacob Tomlinson: "My aim was to bring out the combination of heavy atmosphere and nervous energy which makes this song so special. I assigned different shapes to the skittish drums and drew them frame by frame to the track. I then drew a series of stamp like posters to showcase the lyrics that hide deeper in the mix, setting everything on a blown out time-lapse of a busy junction I took last year.
My hope is that people can watch the video in full screen and zone out, getting lost in the haziness of the synths and dreamlike vocals from Vicky Harrison. Then when they're not expecting it, they get hit by the drums and everything gets a bit weird and cut up."

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