Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Review - DAF - DAS IST DAF

DAF - DAS IST DAF (Groenland Records)

CD Box Set

Out Now

7 / 10

Review by Unarmed Bandit.

Many years ago, I was told to steer clear of DAF by a friend. He told me they were “just like Kraftwerk” at a time I was listening to a lot of guitar-led music. I don’t know which album he had listened to because DAF are so much more than his comparison. I have to be totally honest, 80s electro-punk isn’t my usual choice for music and although I’m not a total convert, I have to confirm I am completely intrigued by the DAF boxset.

DAS IST DAF is a collection of four studio albums, Die Kleinen und Die Bosen, Alles Ist Gut, Gold und Liebe and Fur Immer and a fifth album of remixes by the likes of Giorgio Moroder. The four studio albums, which include some remastered and live tracks, are filled with hypnotic synth bass, driving drums, keyboard parts that are sometimes as bonkers as they are interesting and lyrics that are delivered in a very emotionless tone. It is very hard to pick a single track out as a standout one because they all offer something for the listener.

There is a saying that there is a fine line between genius and madness and I am completely convinced that Gabi Delgado-Lopez and Robert Gorl are stood with one foot either side of this line in a glorious display of conviction that screams, “This is what we do – love it or hate it”. They are definitely a duo that can be compared to Marmite and opinion will be completely polarised but I hope that music fans will listen to this and appreciate their influence on a series of musicians that have subsequently become popular. DAF were definitely ahead of their time. My hope is that they can be appreciated for their contribution to modern music.

I have to give the boxset a 7/10. Most enjoyable.


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