Friday, 14 July 2017

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! - Black Furr - Waves

Loud and quiet, birth and death, start and stop. Then start again.
Black Furr aim to tug the air around you to reach the seconds in which you live, yesterday and tomorrow are both irrelevant in this now.

Consisting of Daniela Trojmar (guitar & vocals) and Elias Elgerud (drums), Black Furr coalesced in 2013, initially under the name of Creature Kingdom. Focused on blending distorted viciousness with organic melodies while avoiding the obvious song routes, they spent 2014 roaming the London circuit. They ended the year by releasing their debut EP entitled ‘Teeth, Lips and Tongue’, which was featured on music blogs Dukla Prague Away Kit, Space Rock Mountain, and the opening track ‘Price’ being featured as track of the day on the influential Little Indie Blogs.

In 2015, the band went on an unavoidable hiatus due to family matters, but went to Poland in the summer, after an invitation to perform at the alternative music festival at Stacja Wolimierz.

In 2016 they returned by shedding their old name for Black Furr, came back to performing, and started writing, recording and producing their follow up EP ‘Waves’. Made to both establish and expand the sound, Black Furr goes into the loud and raw as well as the quiet and hidden to reach for the fleeting present. 

‘Waves’ is available to order via Bandcamp here.


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