Monday, 1 May 2017

In Short - Leave Trace - Celluloid

Leave Trace - Celluloid (Self Center Records)


Out  Now

7.5 / 10

Written, performed and produced by Chris Haines (Monster Planet, Sonic Shiva, Light), Celluloid is an eclectic mix of ambient, dub and modern electronica to suit all musical preferences.  Opener, Spelunk is a wonderfully spacious track with reverb-a-plenty and some weirdly distorted voices which add a creepy side to the proceedings.  A space-reggae beat makes an appearance too and the track is jam packed with texture and dreamscape.

Jus Wanna gurgles along with some sharp effects and often threatens to break out into some high-powered dance track whereas the title track is initially  far more sublime and atmospheric before upping the ante slightly in a Jean-Michal Jarre Equinoxe sort of way.  

There is an argument for slimming down the length of In The Age Of Dreaming Machines as it's thirteen minutes ad beyond seems stylish excessive unless you're meditating or enjoying a long bath.  Closing tracks Hear And Know and Geo Logic remind of electro pioneers OMD in their building simplicity and additional sound bytes with the later being a quite brilliant ending to the album with shimmers, pulsing and basslines all combining to a tumultuous close.


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