Monday, 8 May 2017

In Short - Ani Glass – Ffrwydrad Tawel EP

Ani Glass – Ffrwydrad Tawel (Recordiau Neb)


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8.5 / 10

This is good, this is very good, and something that you should really take the time to track down.  

Ani Glass (otherwise known as Annie Saunders) is Cardiff based musician, artist and photographer and the Ffrwydrad Tawel EP is often full of surprises and delights sung in the beautiful Welsh language.  It makes for five tracks that you ‘feel’, unless you’re a Welsh speaker, rather than listen to.

Opener, Y Newid (Change) is gorgeous.  Ethereal vocals and simple synth effect make for a track that is just beautiful.  With added sundbytes from social activist, Ray Davies, it’s quite stunning.

The mood changes dramatically for recent single Y Dawns (The Dance) a bit of a euro pop dance number with an infectious beat and powerful confident vocals of Ani which once more appear in a layered format giving the impression of a chorus of singers.  Dal I Droi (Another Day) has clear influences from 80s synth pop and Geiriau (Words) has an intro not dissimilar to Japan’s Quiet Life with some nice reverbs tucked din for good measure.

Mor Hapus provides a dark, ambient interlude before closer Cariad Cudd (The City Sleeps) briefly reminds of I Ran by A Flock Of Seagulls before turning into a light dancefloor number against the backdrop of the history of Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys.  A fine end to an even finer EP.

We like Ani Glass.

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