Saturday, 20 May 2017

Book Review - David R Edwards - Dave Datblygu's Search In English For the House Of Tolerance

David R Edwards - Dave Datblygu's Search In English For the House Of Tolerance (Recordiau Prin)

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8.5 / 10

Book reviews are few and far between on these (web) pages and something that is to be rectified forthwith.  David R Edwards, frontman of seminal Welsh band Datblygu (often referred to as a Welsh version of The Fall)  has put together a bit of a gem with this collection of thirty-five poems.

It's not airy fairy, flowers and bunnies either.  It's real moments and recollections of love, lust and heartbreak, amongst other things, that many of us can relate to, and will also contain pieces that we can't.  It will shock and it will make you smile, in fact it will often make you laugh with it's incredible dark humour and honesty.

Accompanied by a cd (with backing music and sounds from Pulco) recited into a Dictaphone in his kitchen, Edwards slowly presents pieces of everydayness and heart-pouring frankness.  

His poetry consists of observations sometimes sweary and sometime slurred, and always in that thick accent that adds a prevailing sense of human to the proceedings.   You can almost imagine sitting at table with him as he appears thriough thick cigarette smoke whilst caressing a glass of Rocha and offloading his life to you.

It's wonderful stuff.  It willl take you on highs and lows, and expel any hidden feelings tnat you may have.  It is life, and life is sometimes shitty, but with expressionism like that of David R Edwards, it makes it seem a little better.

Jimi Hendrix 
Had the right attitude 
Towards guitars 
He'd set them on fire 
In petroleum and flames. 
My guitar 
Sits in the corner 
Like the dunce I was 
When I learnt how to play it. 
Some people I know 
Have a vast guitar collection - 
Fender Strats 
And all that baloney. 
The only thing worse 
Than guitars 
Are those fucking pianos 


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