Sunday, 23 April 2017

In Short - Cotton Wolf - Life In Analogue

Cotton Wolf – Life In Analogue (Bubblewrap Collective)

LP / CD / DL

7.5 / 10

28 April 2017

Welsh Producer Llion Robertson and classically trained composer Seb Goldfinch are Cotton Wolf and Life In Analogue is the rather infectious debut album form the pair.  Sometimes ambient, sometimes bass driven dance, sometimes just digital experimentation, it is nine tracks that are all completely enjoyable.

Album opener Glosh may sound like a heavier version of the title track and the two may have been better placed seguing into one but it’s a harsh criticism of an album that shimmers from beginning to end.  Largely instrumental, the album is thoroughly entertaining and the breaks of vocalised tracks particularly Lliwiau featuring Alys Williams, could easily descend into something very ordinary but the skill of the Cotton Wolf in keeping things fresh and edgy avoids any such event.

Vessels provides a simple, dreamy, minute long interlude between the title track and Ultra Five which in itself is a locomotive piece not dissimilar to the Chemical Brothers at times, and Cage Of Light and  While Night Grows more than a hint of New Order.

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