Friday, 21 April 2017

In Short - Blind Fiction - The Post Truth EP

Blind Fiction - The Post Truth EP


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7 / 10

Cumbrian alternative quintet Blind Fiction have released a pleasing five track EP under the name of The Post Truth.  It's all very enjoyable rock/pop with a few surprises along the way and some pretty nice melodies, though not overly commercial there is enough there to see them gain some decent radio play.

Perhaps the stand-out is the voice of singer Lucia Lipscombe who you get the impression has much to offer.  She can be strong and subtle and has an interesting turn of pitch and form.  Combined with the post-rock feel of the band it all works well.

Lyrically they can sound a little twee at times particularly on opener Treatment but, and here is the thing, it seems to work somehow.  Memento blasts the speakers a few times and Home slows the pace and is all very easy on the ear.

Test Card F is interesting and unpredictable and has hints of krautrock and post-punk influences whilst closer Matilda, an instrumental, is a gentle way to end.

If there’s a criticism it lies not with the music but with the production which seems a little flat and could do with a boost here and there.

Promising stuff.  

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