Thursday, 19 January 2017

News! - Dave Datblygu Announces Debut Poetry Collection

Recordiau Prin are proud to announce the publication of the first ever book of poetry by David R Edwards. Through his work with seminal Welsh band Datblygu, David is quite possibly one of the most influential lyricists and front-men of the last 30 years.

"Dave Datblygu's Search In English For The House of Tolerance"  collects thirty five of David's poems, all written in English, which focus on love and lust, heartbreak and ecstasy, all told with David's usual black humour.

Funny, heartbreaking, controversial, enthralling, "Dave Datblygu's Search In English For The House Of Tolerance" is set to be a key text and vital entry into what is already a rich and influential body of work.

To accompany the book, each copy will come with a CD recording of David reciting the poems from the book accompanied by the soundscapes of Welsh musician & artist Ash Cooke  Aka Pulco. Imagine William S Burroughs dripping in wine instead of junk and hailing from Cardiganshire instead of the States.

There will be a limited run of 200 copies available with each one individually numbered. The first 50 copies will be signed by David himself.

The book will be published on April 20th 2017  and there will also be a live performance to support the book launch in the near future. More details of this to follow. 

If you would like to pre-order a copy please click HERE


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