Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Listen! - Rachel Mason - Das Ram FULL ALBUM STREAM!!

Over the past couple of months we have grown to love Rachel Mason.  She is a true original.

On Das Ram, her thirteenth album, she fuses varied styles under a huge alternative pop umbrella which ducks and dives in and out of familiarity and strangeness.  Rachel is not just a musical artist, her art and exhibitions command as much attention and quite rightly so and the attraction seems to be when both arts fuse.

Her recent videos for Heart Explodes and Tigers In The Dark show not only musical originality but also a keen eye for what makes our sense of sight explode.  In some ways like Kate Bush represented both art forms to us, so Rachel does a similar thing.

Often tinged with a little darkness, the videos are simple but mind-blowing. 

Eight tracks of unequivocal quality make up Das Ram and surely one of the albums of the year.


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