Sunday, 18 September 2016

IMPORTANT NEWS about hiapop Blog

In just three years hiapop Blog has become something that I never thought it would ever become.

Hundreds of thousands of hits, a Twitter follow ratio of over 4:1, an ever increasing Facebook following and of course #hiapopRadio via Radio Kaos Caribou.  I've written for five music publications and continue to do so.  

Unfortunately, hiapop Blog has also become a slight victim of its own success.  I am sent albums, EPs and singles to review at an alarming rate and with a full-time job, work with a local Community group and a young family, am finding it difficult to keep up.

I would therefore like to shout-out for writers to come and join hiapop Blog. Successful reviews will obviously be published with the possibility of being accepted for some of the outlets that I currently write for.  Like the bigger publications, hiapop Blog can't pay you but you will be able to listen to some great music along the way.

If you're interested please email, tweet, message, whatever takes your fancy!  There is already a big list of stuff waiting!

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