Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Review - Great Raven - Magnetic Smoke

Great Raven - Magnetic Smoke (NGland Records)

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9 / 10

Much has been said about Magnetic Smoke.  All of it seemingly highly praised and hiapop Blog will be no exception.

The album which cocks in at little over seventeen minutes is nothing short of incredible.  Wrapped in an origami folded diary page (21 June - the day the album was 'born'), it contains ten tracks of differing wonderment to be listened to as a continual concept piece.

As separate tracks it falters and has little direction, sounding incomplete and obtuse.  As a single listen it all make sense.  Think Laurie Anderson meets Bjork when the pair are at their most experimental and you won't be far wrong.

From the opening Twenty First Of The Sixth with its android sounding cut-up loop through the electro jazz of Pipiano via the glorious Rabbits Foot (sometimes off-key amazing for it) it never fails to impress.

Purposely nonconformist, it isn't for the faint-hearted as it creates a nightmarish window to a World of uncompromising originality.  Sea Sleep imagines a grown-up fairy-tale for thse of is who occasionally demand more from our listening and album closer Organ-I-Sing leaves the album firmly nestled in preciously unchartered territory.

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