Tuesday, 27 October 2015

News - Pethau Garw Release Free Album

Anyone who is  familiar with the music of Pulco will probably have realised by now that he also releases music from time to time under different names - just to confuse everyone!

Pethau Garw started as a blog but it has slowly become a music side project that's an outlet for the more random spontaneous side of his nature.

Last week he recorded an album. Misfit Memos was an experiment to see what would happen if he just made up anything that came into his head over the period of an hour. 

He explains: "I like the idea that albums can be like newspapers. You may just listen to it once but it is fresh and of the moment whilst other albums are like books that you return to time and time again because they have more depth . Sometimes I like to see exactly how tuneless and lofi I can go. It is all part of what music/art should be." 

The album is free to download over at bandcamp if you'd like a copy.

Pethau Garw on Twitter

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