Tuesday, 4 August 2015

News - Tim Muddiman Drops New Video

Tim Muddiman and The Strange releases their second single “Rolling Stones” after a global response from the debut track “Wildwood Stone.”  Extensive worldwide radio play, international blogs and buzzing fans from the UK to Australia are sure to be hyped by this new track from where its predecessor left off.
‘The Strange’ aka ‘Tim Muddiman and The Strange’ is moving forward with a cooperative of artists and film makers getting involved in the “The Strange”. The video (please see below) to accompany the new release has strong imagery and dance not often seen in a song like this. The photography, cast and narrative are sublime, unpredictable, left-field and still firmly remaining independent from their influences. It’s the same for the dirty sound and feel of the new release. “Rolling Stones” 
The song has been crafted underpinning a huge bass line with a sleazy blues guitar riff, wild tremolos and an instantly catchy grunge vocal melody.   Lyrically the song explains solitude and the feelings of organic change until you’re “done and gone alone”, with only music, art, yourself and your life left. “Rolling Stones”…
The B-side track is darker. It’s solemn. It has powerful melody, swampy guitar and a sparse but intense feel. The story behind this is real and deeply personal. Something the artist is not afraid to pen.
Tim Muddiman is a long-time member of Gary Numan’s band as well as being an established music producer, remixer and session musician to bands like Pop Will Eat Itself and many more.

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