Friday, 31 July 2015

News - Soft Bodies Release EurNoVision Compilation

EurNoVision is an avant garde music compilation which celebrates and unifies the colourful characters of the various underground scenes around Europe. Each country is represented by one band or artist, and we additionally celebrate the works of musicians from disputed territories such as Scotland and Catalonia. EurNoVision will be released on a yearly basis on a variety of different formats.

The majority of the tracks included on this years compilation were recorded specifically by the artists for the release whilst others such as Felix Kubin (Germany) and Kompleksi (Finland) kindly provided previously unreleased rarities (Kubin's track, "Cassandra Call" originates from 1985, just after his Tetchy Teenage Tapes period). 

The compilation spans a variety of genres centred around the concept of outsider music and individualism ranging from the crazed synthpop of DAT Politics (France) and Syndrome WPW (Switzerland) to the melancholic alt-folk of Morningdeer (Hungary) and Mary Ocher (Russia). Several artists such as Samčo, Brat Dážďoviek (Slovakia) and Agnes Pe (Spain) reside on the more extreme end of the experimental spectrum whilst others such as English lo-fi legend Cleaners From Venus (aka Martin Newell) and Ireland's Clockwork Orchestra provide more conventional pop with a 60s influence.


EurNoVision 2015 Trailer from EurNoVision on Vimeo.
Trailer video for the EurNoVision 2015 compilation which is out on Soft Bodies Records on June 22nd. Featuring short audio clips from all 20 artists who provided tracks for the release (listed in order of video appearance below).

DAT Politics (France), Felix Kubin (Germany), Just Friends And Lovers (Austria), Katapulto (Poland), Morningdeer (Hungary), Samčo, Brat Dážďoviek (Slovakia), Agnès Pe (Spain), Kodagain (Serbia), Mary Ocher (Russia), Dion And The Magic Chords (Netherlands), Quimper (Scotland), Cleaners From Venus (England), Clockwork Orchestra (Ireland), I Love 69 Popgeju (Czech Republic), Kompleksi (Finland), Echo Beatty (Belgium), Syndrome WPW (Switzerland), Motor Combo (Catalonia), Spaguetta Orghasmmond (Italy)


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