Wednesday, 15 July 2015

News - Feral Five Release Neurotrash Flip X Remix

Producer Flip.X​ aka Philip Spalding of Mama Shamone has created an explosive remix of Feral Five's latest release 
. With leftfield dub and super-massive guitar sounds he's flipped the track into a darker synaptic ride.

Neurotrash sees
 turbocharged beats meet electropunk brainfood
​and the original version featured i
drag queens film ‘Dressed As A Girl’ which premiered at the BFI.

Flip.X was the co-founder of infamous underground bands Oki-Dog and Mama Shamone, who toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe (Glastonbury, Bestival, Fusion festivals).
​ ​
He co-produced the first Mama Shamone single and album with the legendary producer Martin Rushent (Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Human 
​, and s​
ince then he has produced/co written/remixed MAMA (Bpitch Control), Mona Lazette (Exploited/Gomma), Red Pig Flower (Transi
ion Collective) and Lorena Alvarez (Y Su Banda Municipal) among many other up and coming artists.

Philip Spalding has recently had several songs featured on the 
 film soundtrack,
​ ​
as well as collaborating/producing for Roger Spy's fashion videos and personal music projects since 2011.
​ ​
He is currently working on a new project
​ '​
The Blood Sucking Terrors
 with Berlin based artist Simone Ogunbunmi.

‘Neurotrash’ was inspired by science wars about the brain. Science guru Baroness Susan Greenfield dubbed pap gender psychology 'Neurotrash' and both she and the legendary Rosalind Franklin are namechecked in the song.

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