Wednesday, 27 May 2015

News - Piglet Outlet Release Debut EP

Imagine that the canals to your nightmares are open when you're awake. All your subconscious fears become embodied and interfere with reality. You can't escape it so you must embrace it. Its name is Piglet Outlet.

This Malmö/Norrköping, Sweden-based mutation consists of people from experimental dance heroes Slagsmålsklubben and underground indie pop acts Lavemangsmugglarna and Häxor & Porr. Take the manic melodies AND the obscure madness of these acts and you have the sound of Piglet Outlet, now releasing their debut EP Paradise In Progress. This is truly the top of the crop of all that has come out of these maniacs' brains. So kick back and put this record on. Soon you'll be dancing. But you will also have nightmares!
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